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Storr was a scavenger living in a plant museum in Great Britain during the Ice Age. He was strongly anti-science, although he became friends with Elric Penley, who left Brittanicus Base and joined him.

Storr was injured in an avalanche and his injured arm became infected. Penley sneaked into the base to get him medicine. When Storr was recovered, Jan Garrett came to their home to convince Penley to return to the base. When he refused, she pulled a gun on him, but Storr disarmed her.

Storr decided that since the Ice Warriors seemed antagonistic to the scientists, they would appreciate his anti-science point of view. He went to rescue Victoria Waterfield from the Ice Warriors, but failed, then he offered his services to the Ice Warrior leader Varga. When Varga learned that Storr had no scientific expertise, and therefore no usefulness, Varga and Zondal shot and killed him. (TV: The Ice Warriors)

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