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When he materialised his TARDIS at Heathrow Airport — taking up the space where the Master's TARDIS was going to land — the Fifth Doctor noted that he had hit his old enemy "back into time-space like a straight six into the pavilion". He then mimed the action of a batsman making dramatic contact with the cricket ball — suggesting the phrase meant a particularly long hit. (TV: Time-Flight)

Behind the scenes Edit

The term is not precisely defined in Time-Flight — likely because the phrase has a currency in British English that is absent in other types. To hit a "straight six into the pavilion" means to hit a ball for six runs, but to knock it well beyond the boundary line, all the way back to the pavilion, a building far removed from the cricket pitch which serves as the players' dressing rooms and the area where club owners and other VIPs sit.

In baseball, it would be the rough equivalent of a home run hit out of the ballpark.

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