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Strax Field Report: The Doctor has Regenerated! was a webcast released after the Eleventh Doctor regenerated into the Twelfth in The Time of the Doctor. It is a direct follow-up to an earlier field report, The Doctors.

Synopsis Edit

Field Report Report RE12/G: Strax reports that the Doctor has once more saved the universe, but at a great cost.

Plot Edit

Strax finds it unlikely that the Doctor embraced a warrior's death, and instead regenerated. He hopes that his new face is closer to the shape of Sontarans', a tactical advantage. However, he considers "body changing and camouflage" to be "the refuge of the weak and cowardly", matching a "tactic of the putrid Rutans", his shape-shifting nemeses. A wary Strax declares he is going to watch the Doctor carefully.

Characters Edit

Notes Edit

  • The designation of this field report (RE12/G) includes the number 12 (referring to the new incarnation of the Doctor, inside "REG", as in "regenerate".