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Strax Field Report: The Name of the Doctor was a webcast released in the build up to the final episode of the seventh series of Doctor Who.

Synopsis Edit

Field Report Report T713/D: Strax reports about an upcoming task he must perform, which he aptly named "The Name of the Doctor", in which he believes the Doctor's greatest secret is revealed...

Plot Edit

Strax reports to Sontar that a medium in Whitechapel has informed the Paternoster Gang that they have a new assignment. Strax is displeased with the fact that they must travel to a foreign country. He mentions the the Doctor's greatest secret being involved. The task is to be called: "The Name of the Doctor". Strax gives the Sontaran salute and ends the report.

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Notes Edit

The designation for this field report is T713/D, "713" referring to episode thirteen of the seventh series and the letters T and D for "The Doctor".