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Strax Field Report: Doctor at Trafalgar Square was the first Strax Field Report webcast. It was released during filming of The Day of the Doctor.

Synopsis Edit

Field Report 1805/T: The Doctor has been sighted at the squalid human colony known as 'London'. Specifically, in 'Trafalgar Square'."

Plot Edit

Strax reports to Sontar that the Doctor has been sighted in Trafalgar Square, "a place commemorating a long ago sea-born battle including columns, 'a sun, gigantic metal lions and flying predators called pigeons." Stating that, despite these forces, the English were unable to obliterate the French, Strax gives the Sontaran salute and ends the report.

Characters Edit

Notes Edit

  • The field report designation 1805/T refers to the year of the Battle of Trafalgar, 1805, and the "T" standing for either "Trafalgar" or "Trafalgar Square".