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Summer Falls: Introduction was the introduction of the rereleased books Summer Falls, The Angel's Kiss and The Devil In the Smoke. It was meant to be written by Amelia Pond and contained thank you messages and a story of Amy and Rory's lives after the Eleventh Doctor.

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Amy keeps seeing an old lady. She knows she is being watched; whenever she looks around she sees that woman is just looking at her with a sad smile. When a truck or a group of shoppers goes past the woman just disappears.

One day Amy and Rory are visiting the Lake Erie. The lady is standing at the end of the pier with a sad smile. Amy knows that the old lady is waiting for her. When Amy starts to walk towards the lady, Rory tells her not to, because in films there is always something bad happening when someone does such things. However, both want to get to know more, and Amy goes to the lady. She talks to the woman and asks her who she is. The woman says that it might not matter anymore and that she is wondering if she just lives to do one thing. The woman tells Amy that when she was young she met a man, who was quite unlike anyone else. She knew she had to help him. She put him out of the way of a lightning. The man just put out the flames, nodded at her and ran away. That man had some kind of glow. The woman never saw that glow again until she met Amy, but Amy's glow was fading. That was why the woman was following Amy in case she needs help.

Amy tells the woman that she doesn't need the woman's help. She also tells the woman that she once had an imaginary friend that turned out to be real who never grew up. The old woman with the sad smile told Amy to tell the Doctor that she was looking for him and pass on her message, "Run, you clever boy and remember..."

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