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Superannuation advertisement was a 1997 marketing campaign. It featured Tom Baker as the Fourth Doctor in the TARDIS. The advert was licensed by the BBC.

In his autobiography Who on Earth is Tom Baker?, Tom Baker writes, "'Would you like to go to New Zealand to do a commercial?' That's the sort of question an actor likes to hear from his agent in freezing mid-January."

Notes Edit

Fourth Doctor Sells Superannuation

An advert publication.

  • A behind the scenes feature of the advertisement was released titled Behind the Scenes of Tom Baker's Return.
  • This was the first on screen appearance of the Fourth Doctor since Dimensions in Time.
  • The end of the advertisement featured the phrases "TIME IS EVERYTHING" and "0800 - TARDIS" underscored by "827347". This was an a joke way of advertising their telephone number 0800 827347.

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