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The Doctor has also used this as an alias. For the Zarbi see Zarbi Supremo.

The Supremo was the leader of the Kaled nation in the time prior to the creation of the Daleks.

Profile Edit

The Supremo offered Davros the chance to take part in a mission to destroy a new Thal weapon development facility in exchange for career advancement. (AUDIO: Purity)

The Supremo came to fear Davros, and ordered Fenn to destroy his work and hurt Lady Calcula. Davros learned of this and confronted the Supremo. He coerced him to have the Council grant complete autonomy to the Scientific Elite. The Supremo refused. When Davros was later crippled in a Thal attack, he hoped Davros would use a poison injector to kill himself. However, Davros did not. He climbed the ranks of the Scientific corps and became the Supremo's equal in power. This made the Supremo try to have him either killed or excommunicated from Kaled society. These attempts were futile; Davros was one step ahead of him. (AUDIO: Corruption)

The Supremo monitored Nyder's mission to rescue Davros when he was captured by Colonel Murash. After Davros recovered, he rejected the scientist's request that all Kaled children be handed over for genetic experimentation to save the Kaled race. On receiving this news, Davros had the Supremo and the Council exterminated. After this, it is presumed that Davros took control of the government. (AUDIO: Guilt)

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