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Survival (comic story)

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The Forgotten
Doctor: Tenth Doctor
Main enemy:
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: IDW Publishing
Editor: Denton J. Tipton
Writer: Tony Lee
Artist: Charlie Kirchoff, Nick Roche
Penciller: Pia Guerra, Kelly Yates
Inker: Kent Archer
Colourist: Kris Carter, Charlie Kirchoff
Letterer: Richard Alan Starkings
Release details
Printed in: Doctor Who: The Forgotten 4
Release date: November 2008
Format: Comic Book
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IDW mini-series and one-shots
Misdirection Revelation

Survival was the fourth issue of The Forgotten comic series.

Plot Edit

The Doctor arrives and distracts the Metebelis Three spiders with the crystal from his sonic screwdriver, which is similar to the type they search for. He and Martha Jones escape and the Doctor vaguely recalls the phrase "There's something on your back." He collapses and begins to fade again. Martha hands him his sixth incarnation's cat brooch and goes off to hunt for the "Time Bracelet thing" and another screwdriver in the Fourth Doctor's costume, while the Doctor recalls a memory from his sixth life involving the brooch.

He remembers when he and Peri Brown were in the court of an animal people with Peri accused of the first-degree murder of Professor Mis'Kin Karac. On the first day of the trial, Peri tells the court how while in the market, a boy pushed a gun into her hands. It fired, killing the professor as he left the building. Peri says she never meant to kill anyone and the Doctor calls off questioning.

On the second day, Professor Karac's assistant offers evidence against Peri and the judge calls a recess until the next day. The Doctor gets the assistant's permission to check out the lab, where the professor and he had been working on quantum flux technology. The Doctor finds the murder weapon in the lab and comes up with a plan.

The next day in court, the Doctor pulls out the gun and aims at Peri, explaining that it is tagged with a genetic signature which the bullet uses to find its target. He also explains this was why the professor's assistant was behind Peri: so he could fire through her at the professor and make it look like she, being the one with the gun, had done it. He tells the assistant how he is currently wearing a cat brooch doused in chronal energy and with a drop of his blood on it. If he fires, the bullet will kill him, not Peri. The assistant confesses and is taken away. As Peri and the Doctor leave, the Doctor explains that the gun wouldn't have worked. He was bluffing, a bluff which the assistant fell for.

Back in the museum, the Doctor speaks through a camera to the mysterious onlooker, who says that he and the Doctor have much in common, except for the obvious, and that he should have left him in the Crucible. The Doctor challenges him to come out, holding up an umbrella and remembering his seventh incarnation.

He recalls the time that he and Ace ended up in the war of Agrovan Seven, which was declared a non-intervention site by the Time Lords. Someone had given the Strykes a Gallifreyan virus to use on the Marats and the Doctor had to stop it. They were captured by the Strykes, but escaped due to an air strike. They met a Marat, who took them to the Marats infected by the Strykes' new bioweapon. The Doctor met with Doctor Treykan and gave her the antidote to the plague, hidden in his umbrella. He seemed to talk to the current Doctor, telling him to fight to survive.

Back in the museum, the Doctor finds the same restorative inside the umbrella and begins to hear the Cloister Bell. He declares the impossibility of this, as it can only be heard in the TARDIS, the Time Lord Matrix or on Gallifrey, none of which they are at--or are they?

Martha demonstrates knowledge of the Cloister Bell she shouldn't yet have and the Doctor remembers her saying he isn't the only doctor in the TARDIS, though she's only a medical student. The Doctor wonders again what's really going on. The mystery onlooker says they can't have the Doctor remembering his future just yet and sends out a Clockwork Droid and a Voc Robot. In the TARDIS with the Cloister Bell tolls, the interior red and an alien life form attaching itself to the unconscious Doctor...

Characters Edit

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