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Susie Fontana Brooke was the daughter of Emily Brooke and the granddaughter of Captain Adelaide Brooke.

Her grandmother was the first woman to land on Mars and was in command of Bowie Base One on Mars. On the day of the destruction of the base in 2059, Susie's mother called, showing Adelaide the infant Susie. Her grandmother was recorded as being killed in the explosion that occurred on the base. Due to the Tenth Doctor's intervention, Adelaide was saved, but she later committed suicide, altering the timeline. Susie was nonetheless inspired by her grandmother's achievements to go into space. This dream was fulfilled when she captained humanity's first lightspeed ship to Proxima Centauri. The rest of her family followed as well, with one descendant falling in love with a Tandonian prince and creating a new species. (TV: The Waters of Mars)

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