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Swift was the hospital administrator at Walker General Hospital in San Francisco in 1999 and 2000. He led a group of financial donors to an observation deck, where they watched Dr Grace Holloway's unsuccessful operation on the Seventh Doctor. Later, when trying to assess what went wrong during the procedure, he began a cover-up of the entire affair, in order to protect the hospital's reputation. Toward that end, he burned the X-ray revealing the Doctor's binary vascular system and vainly tried to bring Holloway into his deception. Since neither the Doctor's body nor his X-rays existed, it would be possible, he reasoned, to proceed as if the Doctor had never even come to Walker General that evening. This plan incensed Holloway, however, and she responded by immediately resigning. (TV: Doctor Who)

Behind the scenes Edit

  • In the film, no indication is given, of any kind, that Swift is himself a doctor, or what his first name might be. However, the novelisation indicates that he is "Dr Roger Swift".