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The Sword of Tuburr was a sword that was used in the Ritual of Tuburr. It was long and thin, with a long jagged side. Though it had a ceremonial purpose, it could be used to kill and could easily pierce an Ice Warrior's armour. (PROSE: GodEngine, COMIC: Descendance, Ascendance) It was also extremely heavy, so much so that a human couldn't hold it and an Ice Warrior would have difficulty doing so. (PROSE: Legacy)

During the early times of the Ice Warrior's history, the Sword of Tuburr was a sacred artefact that could not be replicated. (PROSE: GodEngine) Eventually, though, it was considered a relic from the barbaric past of Mars, and it was believed hidden in Olympus Mons. By the 40th century, opinions had changed, and the Sword of Tuburr was once again considered a relic. Unfortunately, it could not be found and copies had to be made of it. In 3985 there was a copy of the sword aboard the Martian space craft the Bruk. (PROSE: Legacy)

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