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Sydney was a city located in New South Wales, Australia.

History Edit


In the 1970s, a man stumbles around near the Dalek-destroyed Sydney Harbour Bridge. (COMIC: *Sub Zero)

In the 1970s, a group of Daleks based underneath Antarctica captured a nuclear submarine and used it to attack Sydney, destroying Sydney Harbour Bridge. Their plan to use the city as a base from which to convert humans into slaves and conquer Earth was defeated by the Third Doctor with the aid of Lt. Davis. (COMIC: *Sub Zero)

BOSS proposed that, after he conquered the world, they would get the Sydney Orchestra to play at his victory ceremony. (TV: The Green Death)

On 14 July 1993, the Seventh Doctor met with thirty-seven year old Dorothée in a café in Glebe, a suburb of Sydney. (PROSE: Set Piece)

In 1995, the Doctor, Ace and Bernice Summerfield visited the interdimensional café in Glebe. (PROSE: Set Piece)

In 1996, the Doctor, Chris Cwej and Roz Forrester visited Sydney for a week. (PROSE: Return of the Living Dad)

In the 20th century, the Doctor, Ace and Bernice visited Sydney. (PROSE: Virgin Lands)

The Third Doctor bought a beach house in Sydney while his house in Kent was being painted. (PROSE: Sleepy)


Fireworks over the same bridge in 2009. (TV: Journey's End)

In 2009, Sydney celebrated the return of Earth from the Medusa Cascade with fireworks. (TV: Journey's End)

In 2010, Sydney was plagued by chronal waves caused by the SKARDIS which released prehistoric creatures into Sydney and aged the passengers of an aircraft greatly. The Tenth Doctor and Majenta Pryce investigated with UNIT. The last chronal wave the SKARDIS caused before it was destroyed froze parts of Sydney in ice from the Ice Age. According to the Doctor, it would take Sydney years to rebuild and recover from this new Ice Age. (COMIC: The Age of Ice)

In 2096, Sydney was an independent city-state. (PROSE: The Indestructible Man)

Kazran amd Abigail in front of Sydney Opera House

Kazran Sardick and Abigail Pettigrew in front of Sydney Opera House. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

The Eleventh Doctor, Kazran Sardick and Abigail Pettigrew visited Sydney on Christmas Eve. (TV: A Christmas Carol)

Undated events Edit

The swindler Garron attempted to sell the harbour of the city to an Arab and was asked to sell the Opera House. (TV: The Ribos Operation)

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