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T.S. Eliot was a poet. He wrote the poem The Hollow Men. (AUDIO: 1963, TV: The Lazarus Experiment) Barbara Wright quoted this poem but Ian Chesterton told her he preferred his stuff about cats. (AUDIO: 1963) Richard Lazarus commented that the Tenth Doctor clearly knew Eliot's work in detail. (TV: The Lazarus Experiment) Yukon 9 read Eliot's poems. (AUDIO: Paradise Frost)

Iris Wildthyme once held a party in Hobbe's End in 1972 which T.S. Eliot attended. (PROSE: From Wildthyme with Love)

In 1940, a painting of T.S. Eliot was made. Some day the Tenth Doctor visited the National Portrait Gallery and saw the painting there. It was signed by M. Sillington. The Doctor supposed that it was the same M. Sillington that he met at Gallows Gate Road. (PROSE: Number 1, Gallows Gate Road)