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TARDIS hopscotch

TARDIS hopscotch in the Celestial Toyroom. (TV: The Celestial Toymaker)

TARDIS hopscotch was a game designed by the Celestial Toymaker for use in his world, the Celestial Toyroom. It was so called because it led to the First Doctor's TARDIS.

TARDIS hopscotch consisted of fourteen raised triangular spaces, with the TARDIS itself positioned on the last — and larger — space, and was played by rolling a die, then using its face-value to determine the number of spaces moved. There was one other rule, which Cyril deliberately forgot to tell Dodo Chaplet and Steven Taylor until after the game had begun: if a player landed on a space that was already occupied by another, the first player had to return to the start.

Players had to jump from one counter to another, as the floor between spaces was heavily electrified.

Dodo and Steven played TARDIS hopscotch as the final game of their trials. In it they competed against Cyril, who frequently resorted to underhanded methods. Cyril was killed when, in a rush of glee, having thrown the exact number he needed to get "home", he slipped on his own trap (namely, a space which he had deliberately made slippery) and fell straight into the electric field.

With Cyril "retired hurt", Dodo and Steven continued playing until they won and were reunited with the TARDIS. (TV: The Celestial Toymaker)

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