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The fourth issue of The Essential Doctor Who was centred on the Master.

Publisher's summary Edit

"When I cannot win by stealth, I shall destroy."

Having made his first appearance in 1971, the Master continues to match the Doctor's benevolence and ingenuity with a seemingly infinite capacity for evil. He has changed his face, and even his gender, but remains the most dangerous psychopath the Doctor has ever encountered.

Here, for the first time, is a complete guide to all the Master episodes in Doctor Who. This comprehensive publication also includes actor profiles, exclusive interviews, details of unmade stories and much more.

Contents Edit

Pertwee era script editor Terrance Dicks describes how he co-created the Master
Andrew Pixley explores early drafts of what would become The Mind of Evil
Tribute to actor Roger Delgado
Alistair McGown looks at comic and annual appearances of the Master from the 1970s
The rivalry between the Third Doctor and Delgado's Master is explored
Katy Manning recalls her time with actor Roger Delgado
Richard Franklin recalls his time with actor Roger Delgado
Biography of actor Peter Pratt
A history of the Master's Big Finish audio plays
Biography of actor Geoffrey Beevers
Tribute to actor Anthony Ainley
The character of Anthony Ainley's Master is examined
Alistair McGown has a further look at Master comic and annual stories from the 1980s onwards
A look at the various costumes the Master has worn over 44 years
Matthew Waterhouse shares his memories of actor Anthony Ainley
Matt Adams explores novels and novelisations featuring the Master
Andrew Pixley discusses earlier drafts of The Trial of a Time Lord's concluding episodes
Former Doctor Who Magazine editor Gary Russell discusses his relationship with actor Anthony Ainley
Biography of actor Eric Roberts
Biography of actor Derek Jacobi
Biography of actor John Simm
  • Dress to Kill
Jason Arnopp interviews actor Michelle Gomez
An outline of cameo appearances and a hint at future appearances

Credits Edit

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