The seventh issue of The Essential Doctor Who was centred on the Time Lords.

Publisher's summary Edit

"The oldest and most mighty race in the universe, looking down on the galaxies below. Sworn never to interfere, only to watch.

The Doctor's own people, and his home planet, were introduced in 1969 as a major chapter in the series' history came to an end. Five decades later, the Time Lords, and their devastating war with the Daleks are still essential parts of Doctor Who's mythology.

This special publication analyses every story set on Gallifrey, reveals previously unseen images from the making of the episodes and interviews key players in the Time Lords' fascinating story.

Contents Edit

  • Gallifrey Guardians
Looking back on what we know about the Time Lords
  • 1066 And All That
Interview with Tyler Butterworth, who remembers his father, the Monk actor Peter Butterworth
The story of the sketches of faces during The War Games
  • Missions for the Time Lords
Looking at various stories where the Doctor performs missions for his people
  • Creation Theories
Interview with writer and script editor Terrance Dicks, who remembers how the Time Lords came into being
Interview with actor Stephen Thorne, who played Omega
  • The Hitchhiker's Guide to Gallifrey
The story of the Gallifrey audio series
A 1983 interview with the late Mary Tamm, who played Romana I
The story of what eventually became The Invasion of Time
  • Time After Time
The story of the unfinished television story Shada
  • Second Thoughts
Interview with actor Lalla Ward, who played Romana II
Looking back on the Time Lords in comics
Doctor Who writers are divided over what Rassilon's fate is during and after The Five Doctors
Interview with actor Michael Jayston, who played the Valeyard
Looking back on the Time Lords in prose
Biography of actor Timothy Dalton, who played Rassilon
Speculatory history of the Last Great Time War
Highlighting five decades of costume and production designs
Interview with Douglas Mackinnon, the director of Listen
Interview with actor T'Nia Miller, who played the female incarnation of the General
Looking at the chronicle of the Time Lords from the Doctor Who Annual 2006

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BBC Worldwide, UK Publishing