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Toby Hadoke's Who's Round 59 was the 59th episode of Toby Hadoke's Who's Round. It included the third part of Toby Hadoke's interview with head writer and executive producer Russell T Davies.

Synopsis Edit

More from Who's Round, Toby Hadoke's Doctor Who 50th anniversary quest to get an anecdote about every single episode of Doctor Who to date. In this instalment, Toby continues his chat with Russell T Davies.

No need for secrecy as it is part three of the epic Who's Round chat with Russell T Davies which probably only covers about two episodes but there's plenty of fascinating stuff from the enthusiastic, thigh-slapping genius behind the resurrection of Doctor Who.

Nominated charity: The Terrence Higgins Trust

Topics covered Edit

  • New Earth's "timey wimey twist"
  • The cat nun make up in New Earth
  • Bringing back Elisabeth Sladen as Sarah Jane Smith alongside K9 for School Reunion
  • The man in the restaurant screaming in Rose when the Auton Mickey's head is pulled off
  • The journey Mickey Smith's character goes through
  • Anthony Head's performance in School Reunion
  • The dubbing and sound salvaging of the swimming pool scene in School Reunion
  • Changing the running order of series 2
  • "Snogging" in Doctor Who and whether the show is "soap opera-ified"
  • The changing of the Daleks, Time Lords and Weeping Angels in front of the audience, and the richness and inevitability of contradictions in Doctor Who
  • The Eighth Doctor's half-human status and whether it counts or not in the 1996 movie
  • Would Doctor Who work with or without a professional fan working on it?
  • Creating the working shifts and other world building in The Long Game
  • Whether tone meetings in the Davies era are too rigorous

External links Edit

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