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TM 12
Cover date: 4 December 2008
Format: 68 pages stapled
Editor: Simon Hugo
Publisher: Titan Magazines
TM 11
TM 13
The twelfth issue of Torchwood Magazine had a cover date of 4 December 2008.

Contents Edit

Articles and features Edit

  • 2008 Review of the Year
  • A Torchwood Game. 7-page board game to play
  • 4-page Christmas Torchwood Quiz
  • Production Notes from Peter Bennett Producer .

Interviews / Profiles Edit

Comic strips Edit

Fiction Edit

Story Archive Edit

Posters Edit

  • A4 Cover image with Jack, Gwen, Ianto and Martha
  • A4 Cover image with Jack Gwen and Rhys
  • A3 Cover image with Gwen

Additional features Edit

  • The Hub (News)
  • Competition, prizes included
A Writer's Tale by Russell T Davies, Cyberwoman action figure, latest Torchwood novels

Credits Edit

Facts included Edit

to be added

Additional details Edit

  • Titan Magazines was well known for its range of predominantly American TV tie-in titles that included Lost, Supernatural, Heroes, CSI: Miami, 24 and Prison Break.
  • Torchwood: The Official Magazine launched with a glossy cover as a four-weekly title in January 2008. This issue was priced £3.99 (UK). A subscription offer included a saving of 15% on 6 issues (two being 100 pages).
  • The next issue page for the one published on 31st December 2008 includes the comment "contents subject to change.
  • Aimed at mature fans of the series, the magazines did not shy away from discussions involving sex and violence, topics integral to the success of this "adult" spin-off series from the BBC's more family friendly Doctor Who.

External links Edit

The official online site for Titan Magazines, publishers of Torchwood Magazine.

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