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The second issue of Torchwood Magazine had a cover date of 21 February 2008.

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  • Pull out double-sided centre-pages with promotional Series 2 publicity, one with the magazine title banded along the bottom.

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  • The Hub (News)
Including latest merchandise, new series launch, BBC's Facebook and Bebo video application.
  • Competition, prizes included
signed Torchwood novels and audiobooks

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  • Ratings for series 1 first shown on BBC Three were 2.52m, the move to BBC 2 attracted opening figures of 4.22m.
  • Actress Eve Myles's first connection with the Rift was in TV: The Unquiet Dead where she played a character called Gwyneth.
  • The idea of alien whales in science fiction is long established, as early as the 1965 movie Pinocchio in Space. The Song of the Space Whale was also a much anticipated, but ultimately unmade, Doctor Who submission in the early 1980s.
  • Torchwood One's London based character Adeola was also played by Martha Jones actress Freema Agyeman. Adeola was explained later as being Martha's cousin.
  • The Mayfly was originally conceived as being more human than insect but this was changed early on to make it more insect-like.
  • Simon Wicker helped visualise both the Doctor's home planet of Gallifrey and Captain Jack's home in the 51st century, the Boeshane Peninsula.
  • Tommy Brockless actor Anthony Lewis auditioned but didn't get the part of Ben Wainwright in TV: Blink.
  • The main inspiration for writer Helen Raynor for TV: To the Last Man was a short prose story on the Torchwood BBC website by James Goss, prior to its launch in 2006.

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  • Titan Magazines was well known for its range of (predominantly American) TV tie-in titles that included Lost, Supernatural, Heroes, CSI: Miami, 24, Smallville, Star Wars and Prison Break.
  • Torchwood: The Official Magazine launched with a glossy cover, as a four-weekly title in January 2008 priced £3.75 (UK).
  • A subscription offer included a saving of 30% on 13 issues including one special issue.
  • Of the 68 pages, 10 were given over to advertising with 8 pages for other titles from the publisher.
  • The next issue page for that published on 20th March 2008 includes the comment "contents subject to change".
  • Aimed at mature fans of the series, the magazines did not shy away from discussions involving sex and violence, topics integral to the success of this "adult" spin-off series from the BBC's more family friendly Doctor Who.
  • TM 3 includes corrections for this issue including Cath Tregenna's one word description of Meat should have been "Redemption" and not "Greed". Also corrected is that Marie Jones from the Mill is a Visual FX Producer not Visual FX Coordinator.

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Official online site for Titan Magazines, publishers of Torchwood Magazine.

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