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  • "That Was The Wood That Wasn't" : An alternative history of Torchwood the TV series looking back at a history that never was.
  • "Everything Changes" How Torchwood has changed over 21 issues in the 21st century
  • "Picture This!" Children of Earth storyboard feature
  • Beyond the Hub: "Apocalypse Wow!" A look at the end of the world by Kate Lloyd
  • "It's No Game" Readers send in their Torchwood dress-up photographs
  • "We Have the Technology!" Matt Chapman looks at Torchwood tech and the shape of things to come

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  • The Hub (News) including John Barrowman updates!
  • T-mail (Readers Letters)
  • Little Reasons Why We Love Torchwood 7: Disco lights on the SUV

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  • Torchwood: The Official Magazine from Titan Magazines continued to be a bi-monthly title with now only six issues a year. Each issue featured 100 pages and cost £4.99 (UK), offering a 15% saving to subscribers.
  • Aimed at mature fans of the series, the magazines did not shy away from discussions involving sex and violence, topics integral to the success of this "adult" spin-off series from the BBC's more family friendly Doctor Who.

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The official online site for Titan Magazines, publishers of Torchwood Magazine.