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Tales from the TARDIS (audio anthology)

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Tales from the TARDIS
Doctor: [[doctor::Third Doctor, Fourth Doctor]]
Companion(s): Jo, Sarah Jane
Main enemy: The Master
Main setting: Earth in the 18th and 20th century, the construct
Key crew
Publisher: BBC Audiobooks
Writer: Steve Lyons, Paul Magrs
Director: John Taylor
Music: The Fiction Factory
Read by: Nicholas Courtney and Sophie Aldred
Release details
Part of: Short Trips
Release date: 2008
Format: 2 stories, 55m total length
979 1408 400289
Memorable moment
Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis Vol 102:01

Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis Vol 1

Another memorable moment
Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis Vol 202:01

Doctor Who Tales From The Tardis Vol 2

Tales from the TARDIS was the name of a 2008 BBC Audiobooks duology of Short Trips prose stories adapted for audio. Included were Freedom by Steve Lyons and Old Flames by Paul Magrs. Both were read by Nicholas Courtney, with Sophie Aldred providing some of the dialogue.

Tales from the TARDIS 2004/2005

Tales from the TARDIS was also the name of a 2004/2005 BBC Audiobooks duology of 2 seperate MP3-CDs which is much longer (vol 1, 9:30h, ISBN 978-0563523727 / vol 2. ~10h, ISBN 978-0563523772)

Some of the stories included therein have separate pages, like Out of the Darkness, Kinda, The Curse of Peladon, Attack of the Cybermen and others.


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