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The Doctor's TARDIS could use its own history section. we could cut and paste the information about its chameleon circuit and what happened to it to there. --***Stardizzy*** 13:27, 21 February 2007 (UTC)

Turn LeftEdit

When I encountered it, the article said:

After Donna Noble reported her encounter with Rose Tyler to the Tenth Doctor, he began noticing that the words "Bad Wolf" had begun to appear everywhere, including replacing the traditional police box lettering on his TARDIS. These words were also visible from the interior of the TARDIS over the doorway. It is possible the chameleon circuit was somehow activated in order to make this change. (TV: Turn Left)

This, to me, is highly speculative. I know the editor couches it in speculative language, but it's still way out there, to me. We see in The Parting of the Ways that the one absolutely demonstrated ability of "Bad Wolf Rose" is that she can take letters and spread them across time and space. All that appears to be done in Turn Left is that lettering has been changed, consistent with her demonstrated abilities. It's not at all explained by TL or TSE, but it does seem far more likely, since she whispered the words "Bad Wolf" to Donna, that she somehow made it happen of her own accord and powers. If she had the ability to actually activate the chameleon circuit, it would seem to me that her changes to the TARDIS would be more profound than the switching of a few letters in exactly the same font.

The other point is that the lettering over the door and on the phone compartment has changed over the years, indicating that it can be manipulated without reference to the the chameleon circuit. We also see in World War III and The Happiness Patrol that the TARDIS doesn't "auto-clean" its exterior; if someone grafittis or paints it, it stays on until cleaned off. Thus Rose could have changed the exterior without the use of a chameleon circuit. CzechOut | 01:20, December 10, 2010 (UTC)

Monk's TARDIS Edit

There's a scene in ep 9 of the The Daleks' Master Plan ("Golden Death", which is missing) where the Doctor turns the Monk's TARDIS into a police box. There doesn't seem to be much agreement about what the intervening forms were. I've changed them from "The Doctor caused it to appear as an Ionic column, a stage coach, a tree, an igloo, a rocket, and a bi-plane" to those seen in the reconstruction. says

There are various references and sources of information which state the forms adopted in this sequence but most of these are incorrect (including the BBC CD narrated audio). Production documentation and camera scripts state these variations but the most accurate source is the film shooting script which identifies the models that were used; a stone block, a motorcycle, a state coach, a western wagon, a tank and finally a Police box.

John Peel probably adapted it to whatever he felt was most amusing, like an igloo, but the idea of a plane or rocket in the studio is unlikely. I'm not sure what the policy is with missing episodes - maybe we can make it up? :) 15:13, February 5, 2011 (UTC)

Invisibility Edit

Would Invisiblity be from the Chameleon circuit or no?

Trivia reference to the band Edit

I think it would be right to refer to the famous 'Tardis Rock' band of the same name "Chameleon Circuit" here, at least in passing in the footnotes. The songs of this band (and the music videos others make of them) are keeping the new series episodes alive for me now, long after watching the episodes. Plus, their lyrics are really brilliant. --IrasCignavojo 08:42, September 27, 2011 (UTC)

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