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‘Merged Cyber-Race’

Now we know that at some point the Cybusmen were merged with the original ones, shouldn’t the Pandorica, Good Man, Closing Time, and Blood Cybermen be moved to a third section named ‘Merged Cyber-Race’ or something, with the Nightmare Cybermen been part of this section or a new one? {{SUBST:User:Kingofall42/SigReal|{{SUBST:{Predated }}}}. 09:23, May 14, 2013 (UTC)

Joint Cybermen

Why was this removed we now know that at one point in their history, both the Mondasian and Cybus Cybermen encountered each other. What actually happened is unknown although they did co-operate and shared their technologies, to give birth to the variant of cyberman seen in A Good Man Goes to War, the video-game Blood of the Cybermen, Closing Time, Nightmare in Silver, and possibly The Pandorica Opens.

Too Borg-like?

The latest version of the Cybermen ("Nightmare in Silver") seems to be very Borg, with frequent adaptation ("upgrade in progress") instead of the old-style ones where you never saw them do the upgrades.

Is this current version more powerful than the Daleks now?

Probably close, but the daleks would probably win, but we don't know for now.

-- to me 13:49, May 21, 2013 (UTC)

Joined Cybermen, have the mondasian and cybus crossed?


In The Pandorica Opens Cybermen are seen twice and Cyberships are seen. The ships and the fact that the first Cyberman we saw as a guard had new features unseen to Cybus Cybermen before, along with a whole skull, proves this is a new variant of Cybermen even though they have Cybus Logos. Moffat has stated it before and evidence backs up the idea that after The Next Doctor a second group survived and joined with an unknown group of Mondas Cybermen forming a new variant of Joint Cybermen as seen, in an early form, in PO. These Cybermen choose to use Mondas tech with Cybus armor, but didnt get rid of the Cybus logo till later on in there timeline.

"Cybermen of unknown origin"

"Cybermen of unknown origin" It's pretty clear, especially in Nightmare in Silver, that these are upgraded Mondasian Cybermen. to me 00:48, December 8, 2013 (UTC)

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