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This page needs to be fixed

Thanks for that illuminating comment. Care to suggest what needs to be fixed? And please sign your comments. 23skidoo 13:37, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

Sixth DoctorEdit

Big Finish has confirmed Jamie will be the Sixth Doctor's companion for an upcoming set of audios, the titles and release dates for which have been announced. Therefore we need to mention this in the main part of the article. We can fill in the blanks once plot details become available. 23skidoo 13:37, September 15, 2009 (UTC)

There aren't any released stories to reference. There can be something mentioned in the behind the scenes information, but until there's something released all that we'd really be sticking in the body of the article is supposition on how it'll pan out. --Tangerineduel 14:43, September 15, 2009 (UTC)
However the releases have been confirmed - there are even titles for them. The fact Jamie will serve as companion to Six cannot possibly be disputed. I agree we can't put in details yet, but this isn't a rumor. 23skidoo 02:13, September 29, 2009 (UTC)
Okay, it isn't a rumour (I don't think I said it was). I'm not disputing that Jamie's going to travel with the Doctor, but as we don't know which story he becomes a companion in then there isn't much to cite within the article. Additionally where are the story titles stated? I've had a look on Big Finish's site and our own list and neither state the titles. --Tangerineduel 07:13, September 29, 2009 (UTC)
Interesting example of how important it is that we adhere to our spoiler policy. You'll note this salient passage:
...the fact Jamie will serve as a companion to Six cannot possibly be disputed"23skidoo
Except that it could only be disputed. Jamie didn't in fact travel with Six in these BF audios. Instead, Big Finish deliberately created a rumour in order to trick its audience into buying these CDs under false pretences. This is why we should always wait until we actually experience a story to begin writing about its narrative elements. Even the most basic assumptions about stories can be totally untrue, and don't belong on in-universe pages like Jamie McCrimmon.
czechout@fandom    18:27: Wed 14 Nov 2012

Also Known As Edit

I've removed some of Jamie's aliases, based on forum:Notable Aliases.Icecreamdif talk to me 01:44, October 17, 2011 (UTC)

Season 6B Edit

Okay, there has been a bit of confusion over Season 6B, so I'm going to explain it a bit.

Someone has suggested that The Two Doctors does not occur directly after World Game, because they believe that The Doctor's reference to Jamie and Zoey's memories being wiped places it before he was reunited with Jamie. There has been a lot of misunderstanding on the wiki on the subject of season 6B, so I'm gonna lay down some of the timeline details here.

World Game takes place directly after The War Games. Players (novel) takes place during the early chapters of the book. Near the end of it, the Doctor blackmails the Timelords into bringing him a companion of choice, specifically Jamie. He instructs them to alter Uamie's memory, and to have him think that Victoria is temporarily settled down. They do as he asks, and send him and Jamie on a new mission to investigate time tests conducted by Joinson Dastari, leading, once more, directly into TV: The Two Doctors)
After the Two Doctors, any ST, TVA, etc where Jamie and the Doctor are alone is usually set.
Sometime in the future, Jamie was once more returned to his time, and later his memories were again removed by the CIA. (AUDIO: The Glorious Revolution)
And so, the Doctor, alone again, began travelling alone... (Possibly with John and Gillian for a few adventures.) It is here that any adventures where the Doctor is completely alone are set, including The Five Doctors (TV story) and (but not in this order) The Three Doctors. As Jamie had once more been returned home, his speech about Jamie and Zoey's memories being wiped still makes sense, and there is really no contradiction. (Well, at least not as much as it had in the past...) OS25 (talk to me, baby.) 02:42, March 7, 2012 (UTC)
It says nothing of the sort about Two picking up Jamie (he does not arrive at Culloden) or arriving at Dastari's. All he has is the *intention* to do so. You're also ignoring the fact that the Doctor talks in the past tense about the Time Lords wiping Jamie and Zoe's memories--together and with wistful words, not with the addenda that Jamie was just recently hanging out in the TARDIS again--he most definitely has not seen Jamie since The War Games as of The Five Doctors. Jamie's second mindwipe is not the same as his The War Games mindwipe either; the second has him not remembering the Doctor at all (The Glorious Revolution, in which he says "Doctor WHO?")--his first had him remembering the Doctor from The Highlanders! BIG difference. He is basically relaying to the Brig the events of The War Games in this scene. There's no talk of losing him AGAIN. Just because World Game says that the Time Lords gave him a mission, does not mean he has any time constraints on when he has to carry it out. Also, The Three Doctors (which also makes it very clear that the Doctor is already at the beck and call of the CIA and isn't terrified of being found--makes no sense prior to The War Games) and The Five Doctors both contain someone abducting the Doctor en route to doing other things (by the CIA and by Borusa). The Doctor was obviously nabbed prior to him getting Jamie in an emergency situation with Omega and for Borusa's nefarious plans. In fact, TV Comic even has the Doctor on the run from the Time Lords again and trying to avoid them (his last stories are a bit of a decadent farewell tour and the Time Lords basically have to abduct him with scarecrows to recapture him--he's not playing nice with the Time Lords during his exile--it makes sense that he'd do everything on *his* time table). Also, TV Comic very specifically shows a very young Jamie, while Two Doctors!Jamie is 40-year-old Frazer. And Two/Jamie were shown LONG before Six and Peri showed up. The only option is to place The Two Doctors after Martha the Mechanical Housemaid. The Doctor is under no time constraint to visit Dastari's immediately. And fter this would be the Doctor losing Jamie again and going on the run from the Time Lords in a last-ditch effort to extend his time (which is the arc of 1969's TV Comic run--the real creation of season 6b--Terrence Dicks didn't seem terribly aware of The Three Doctors and The Five Doctors conflicting with The War Games long before The Two Doctors showed up, going by his intentions for World Game--to his credit, he did leave it open-ended). I'm very aware with the end of World Game. And T.V. gets first priority, anyway (or we'd be in a huge pickle with Lungbarrow and all of characters' various deaths that are shown alive later--School Reunion negated loads of Sarah Jane stories), despite the fact that my chronology doesn't contradict it at all (and doesn't contradict T.V. to make this interpretation of the book fit!). The book is very open-ended. The Five Doctors isn't, IMO.

And please stop putting a dorky picture of Jamie talking mid-sentence in a severely cropped image (unnecessary--and I see your picture uploads have gotten you a lot of attention already with the sources being washed out and badly cropped--you don't have to replace so many pictures that are just as good, if not better--add, but don't go crazy on replacing what's there and in great quality). Jamie and Peri better illustrates the fact that and older Jamie comes into contact with another Doctor and his companion from another era and they go to Spain. Your picture doesn't really show much of anything other than a washed-out headshot. NileQT87 talk to me 04:39, March 7, 2012 (UTC)

Okay, so, A) No need to get personal. B) The image you use is a publicity shot. I'm nearly 99% shure of it. Publicity shots are not allowed on this wiki, and the only reason I do not mark it for deletion is the fact that it was posted in 2007, and is thus kinda sentimental to the wiki.
Now, I don't understand what you suggest here. TV does not get 'first priority,' the only reason Lungbarrow, in the horror that it is, isn't featured as much as it should be, is that no one in their right mind would read it. And I don't understand how yourset-up is non-contradictory and mind isn't. Basically, your trying to base timeline off one obscure line that no one has ever been able to make sense of, even with the Season 6B theory, while I am trying to use an entire book.
Plus, I don't quite get what you're suggesting. Are you saying that The Five Doctors takes place after The War Games and before World Game? Because that makes no sense, as the Doctor was locked up in between the two. Are you suggesting that the Five Doctors takes place after World Game and before The Two Doctors? Well, that also dosen't make much sense. I'll get to why later...
You use age as a reason to put this story in your desired timeline spot. Okay, age is not a factor we can accurately rely on for Season 6B. At the end of World Game, the Doctor is aged, with white hair an more wrinkles. Once more, leading into The Two Doctors. It's best to put the two stories together where the Doctor is old, especially if one of them tells us to. You also state that the Doctor is in control of the Time Lords, because of the TVA stories. Well, I think what everyone can agree on with Season 6B is that it starts out with the Time Lords in control and that the Doctor slowly slithers above them. To say that the Doctor can go wherever he wants is speculation. If they tell him to go there, presuming that he didn't is speculation. OS25 (talk to me, baby.) 13:05, March 7, 2012 (UTC)
The original point also doesn't work at all. John and Gillian after Jamie in Season 6B? ButInvasion of the Quarks has The Doctor parting company with John and Gillian, and meeting up with Jamie. So, for this idea to work, The Doctor needs to travel with Jamie THREE times. to me 08:58, November 12, 2012 (UTC)

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