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When I encountered it, article had following content:

As noted above, Smith has begun to expand his portrayal of the Doctor beyond the main series. Besides appearing in The Sarah Jane Adventures, he also voiced the character for Doctor Who: The Adventure Games, and has also recorded narration on at least two audio books for BBC Audio. On 6 May 2011, he also appeared on NBC's Today Show.
On 10 November 2010, Smith became only the second Doctor actor ever to make an appearance on a major American network chat show when he appeared on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (the first was Tom Baker, who made a pre-Doctor Who appearance on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson in 1972). He has since made three more appearances on the show.

First of all, the article in general is written in a sorta present tense that is increasingly inappropriate it. Smith is increasingly a "was" not an "is" on this wiki — which I don't say to piss off people who are Smith fans. As a statement of reality, we need to be shaping the article to reflect his status as a "past actor".

For that reason, this stuff, which may have seemed exciting a couple of years ago, is really not that important now. Woohoo! He did two audiobooks. Big deal, from the perspective of history. In context, his audiobook "career" has been nothing next to Tennant, who actually got a prestigious industry award for his rendering of Dead Air, and who did a much greater percentage of Tenth Doctor audiobooks than Smith did Eleventh Doctor ones. (Basically, this number is largely unchanged since 2011.)

As for the second graf, it's highly debatable whether The Late Late Show counts as "major" and it's certainly not like Baker being on 1972's Tonight Show. Comparing Ferguson to Carson in his prime is like comparing, I dunno, The Big Bang Theory to The Cosby Show. We may all like Big Bang. We may even find its comedy hipper than Cosby. But they just aren't in the same league in terms of overall cultural importance or even audience size on first broadcast. Besides, this is one of those annoying "second" facts. "First" is good and notable. "Second" smacks of clutching at straws.

What is interesting and important is that he's the first Doctor to be on The Today Show or any morning news program on network American television. That's something no Doctor has ever done while they were the current Doctor. (John Hurt has maybe done it, but not as "the current Doctor".)

So I'm freezing this text over here until we can find some way of rewriting the page and integrating (some of) it back into the article.
czechout@fandom    02:41: Tue 10 Dec 2013