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No timeline? Edit

Why does the timeline suddenly stop at sereis 5? I've followed it from the begining and was just wonding if their was any particular reason or if someone just hadn't bothered to put it on the page yet. I can do a quick one but the comics, books, and audios will have to be added by someone who has read and heard them. Tivis014 23:48, May 5, 2011 (UTC)

Ok I noticed it started again at Victory of the Daleks so I will just put one in on this page and if it's wrong someone can change it. Tivis014 23:53, May 5, 2011 (UTC)

Food and Beverage Edit

I removed the note about the Doctor having a craving for apples which might have referenced The Christmas Invasion as the Doctor did not pull out an apple from his pocket it was a satsuma. ----

Just rewatched the episode yesterday. He pulled out one of each from the bathrobe pockets.



The opening scene, with the TARDIS spiraling to Earth --> She starts her decent from orbit on Jan 1st 2005 and crashes in Leadworth in Easter 1996. Therefore she was not only falling but spiraling in time as well. (Amelia tells Santa "It's Easter now" -- Desariella


  1. During the kitchen scene. For most of the scene the clock reads 9:32. Except when the Doctor is removing the box of custard from the cupboard when it reads 9:00.
  2. During the apple/car door scene, Amy's watch face is upside down. It looks like the face is turned away. -- Desariella
  3. In The_Seeds_of_Death_(TV_story) The Doctor said that the Tardis was meant for long distance travel, and the moon was too close. He might miss it by thousands of years, or thousands of miles (more detail to come). While he seems to have gotten better at such piolting since hist 2ed generation, he still isn't perfect. -svenh

call out prophetic comment-wikidsmaht minor edit war Edit

The following bit has been reverted back and forth in the article:

"However, the Doctor tells her that when travelling with him, there is one very important thing to remember, as "one day, [her] life may depend on it": he is definitely a madman with a box."

The specific bit that's going back and forth is the linking to the God Complex. WikidSmaht added it and it's been reverted a couple times and wikismaht keeps reverting it back. I suggested on my first revert that this needed to be discussed at the talk page, and that if you want it here than you need to make your case for it.

Since this has been ignored, I'm bringing it here. Please, discuss this before adding it back. Two editors have removed this line. You can't just keep adding it back, and attempting to have a discussion through edit summaries (asking where it should be if not here for example) is completely inappropriate. So, please, discuss away. Anoted 18:28, May 17, 2013 (UTC)

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