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Tangled Web (audio story)

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Tangled Web
Tangled Web
Doctor: Eighth Doctor
Companion(s): Molly O'Sullivan
Main enemy: The Daleks, The Dalek time controller, Kotris
Main setting:
Key crew
Publisher: Big Finish Productions
Writer: Nicholas Briggs
Director: Nicholas Briggs
Music: Andy Hardwick
Sound: Andy Hardwick
Cover by: Alex Mallinson
Release details
Release number: 3
Part of: Dark Eyes
Release date: November 2012
Format: 1 X 1 hour
ISBN 978-1-84435-977-6
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Tangled Web was the third full cast audio story in the Dark Eyes audio anthology released in 2012 by Big Finish Productions. It featured Paul McGann as the Eighth Doctor and Ruth Bradley as Molly O'Sullivan.

Publisher's summary Edit

Something happened when Molly O'Sullivan was just two years old, and the Doctor thinks it's high time they found out exactly what it was.

Meanwhile, the Daleks are fully activating their Temporal Chamber. And while the Doctor and Molly get closer and closer to the terrible truth, the nature of reality itself seems to be in question.

Plot Edit

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Conflicts Edit

  • An imaginary evolved Dalek, created from the Doctor's subconscious, speaks of a "great war" which threatened the entire universe, wiped out the Time Lords and almost all of the Daleks. The Doctor calls the idea "just about the most preposterous thing" that he has ever heard.

Individuals Edit

  • On her second birthday in 1893, Molly went missing for several hours. She was eventually returned to her parents by Kotris.
  • Kotris is a Time Lord.


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