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This is a list of administrators on this wiki. Note that administrator names are a different size and font to other users. This isn't a form of bragging, or a way to mark administrator edits as "superior". Rather, it makes it much easier for users to find administrators, and therefore get in touch with them.

This list is maintained by manual editing. Generally, this doesn't impede the accuracy of the list, because new admin aren't added that often. Still, if you'd like an automatically-generated list, which will be absolutely accurate as of the time you look at it, please go to this list of administrators. You may find this list more helpful if you're looking for the name of a wiki-level admin who has edited on our wiki.

Indeed, be aware that there are many other people who have admin powers on this wiki besides the people on this list. All FANDOM staff, and some volunteers, have the ability to come onto this wiki and help out in a pinch. However, these people are the main administrators of this wiki, and therefore the ones to whom the FANDOM staff will usually defer. Problems, except for perhaps emergencies of mass spamming or cyber-attack, should go to one of our active admins.

Frequently active admins

These admins edit frequently here, and are often present and able to assist users with problems or issues concerning the wiki. In general, please try to contact one of these people with your questions.

Administrators emeriti

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