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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1974 almost exclusively featured the Third Doctor. The year introduced readers to the prose talents of Terrance Dicks and Malcolm Hulke, Target's two most prolific writers. It also marked the first appearance of the Second Doctor in the range.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit


Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover Artist
JanuaryDoctor Who and the Auton InvasionTerrance DicksChris Achilleos
JanuaryDoctor Who and the Cave-MonstersMalcolm HulkeChris Achilleos
AprilDoctor Who and the Day of the DaleksTerrance DicksChris Achilleos
AprilDoctor Who and the Doomsday WeaponMalcolm HulkeChris Achilleos
OctoberDoctor Who and the DæmonsBarry LettsChris Achilleos
OctoberDoctor Who and the Sea DevilsMalcolm HulkeChris Achilleos
NovemberDoctor Who and the Abominable SnowmenTerrance DicksChris Achilleos

Publishing notes Edit

  • 1974 saw the first wave of new Doctor Who novelisations, predominantly featuring the Third (new) Doctor in recently televised adventures.
  • Script writers were encouraged to fill out their scripts with more detail, giving a larger word count than some of the later novels.
  • These early books continued with the "Frederick Muller" tradition of including black and white illustrations.

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