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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1975 continued to be Third Doctor-heavy, but it also introduced the Fourth Doctor with a novelisation of his predecessor's finale and his debut. Target also published their first non-fictional Doctor Who book in 1975.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover Artist
JanuaryDoctor Who and the Curse of PeladonBrian HaylesChris Achilleos
FebruaryDoctor Who and the CybermenGerry DavisChris Achilleos
MarchDoctor Who and the Giant RobotTerrance DicksPeter Brookes
MayDoctor Who and the Terror of the AutonsTerrance DicksPeter Brookes
AugustDoctor Who and the Green DeathMalcolm HulkePeter Brookes
OctoberDoctor Who and the Planet of the SpidersTerrance DicksPeter Brookes
NovemberDoctor Who and the Three DoctorsTerrance DicksChris Achilleos
NovemberThe Doctor Who Monster BookTerrance DicksChris Achilleos

Publishing notes Edit

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