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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1979 was entirely of Fourth Doctor adaptations, save for the seminal novelisation of The War Games. It was thus the first year that the Third Doctor had been ignored by Target since 1973. Target also made its first attempt at novelisations specifically aimed at younger readers, with the book Junior Doctor Who and the Giant Robot.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover ArtistIllustrator
JanuaryDoctor Who and the Hand of FearTerrance DicksRoy Knipe
MarchDoctor Who and the Invisible EnemyTerrance DicksRoy Knipe
MarchReissue: Doctor Who and the Green DeathMalcolm HulkeNew cover: Alun Hood
MarchReissue: Doctor Who and the Terror of the AutonsTerrance DicksNew cover: Alun Hood
AprilReissue: Doctor Who and the Sea DevilsMalcolm HulkeNew cover: John Geary
AprilReissue: Doctor Who and the Giant RobotTerrance DicksNew cover: Jeff Cummins
MayDoctor Who and the Robots of DeathTerrance DicksJohn Geary
MayJunior Doctor Who and the Giant RobotTerrance DicksHarry HantsPeter Edwards
JuneReissue: Doctor Who and the Claws of AxosTerrance DicksNew cover: John Geary
JulyDoctor Who and the Image of the FendahlTerrance DicksJohn Geary
AugustReissue: Doctor Who and the Doomsday WeaponMalcolm HulkeNew cover: Jeff Cummins
OctoberDoctor Who and the War GamesMalcolm HulkeJohn Geary
NovemberDoctor Who and the Destiny of the DaleksTerrance DicksAndrew Skilleter
DecemberDoctor Who and the Ribos OperationIan MarterJohn Geary

Publishing notes Edit

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