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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1980 was noticeably greater than the previous two years. The year was again Fourth Doctor-heavy, but it saw the return of the First and Third Doctors to the publication schedule. One of the obvious themes in the schedule was a desire to get the Key to Time stories adapted. The work had begun in 1979 with the adaptation of The Ribos Operation. It was largely completed in 1980, save for a novelisation of The Pirate Planet.

Novelisation covers Edit

Reprints and other title covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover ArtistIllustrator
Paperback: Junior Doctor Who and the Giant RobotTerrance DicksHarry HantsPeter Edwards
JanuaryDoctor Who and the UnderworldTerrance DicksBill Donohoe
JanuaryReissue: Doctor Who and the DæmonsBarry LettsNew cover: Andrew Skilleter
FebruaryDoctor Who and the Invasion of TimeTerrance DicksAndrew Skilleter
MarchDoctor Who and the Stones of BloodTerrance DicksAndrew Skilleter
AprilDoctor Who and the Androids of TaraTerrance DicksAndrew Skilleter
MayDoctor Who and the Power of KrollTerrance DicksAndrew Skilleter
JuneDoctor Who and the Armageddon FactorTerrance DicksBill Donohoe
JuneJunior Doctor Who and the Brain of MorbiusTerrance DicksHarry HantsPeter Edwards
AugustDoctor Who and the Keys of MarinusPhilip HinchcliffeAndrew Skilleter
AugustDoctor Who and the Nightmare of EdenTerrance DicksAndrew Skilleter
OctoberDoctor Who and the Horns of NimonTerrance DicksSteve Kyte
DecemberDoctor Who and the Monster of PeladonTerrance DicksSteve Kyte

Publishing notes Edit

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