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Target Books' Doctor Who output in 1988 for the first time offered a new novelisation each month. As had become usual over the last few years, the stories featured a wide range of Doctors. After a year's absence, the Sixth Doctor returned to the range. Most of The Trial of a Time Lord was published, with the exception of Mindwarp.

Meanwhile the then-current Doctor made his Target debut, alongside releases featuring the First, Second, Third and Fifth Doctors. Midway through the year, Target changed its cover design to give a unified "look" to their line. Accordingly, they switched to the Seventh Doctor's televised logo and gave the tops of the covers black framing elements.

Novelisation covers Edit

Publishing history Edit

MonthTitleWriterCover Artist
JanuaryThe RescueIan MarterTony Clark
FebruaryTerror of the VervoidsPip and Jane BakerTony Masero
MarchThe Time MeddlerNigel RobinsonTony Masero
AprilThe Mysterious PlanetTerrance DicksTony Masero
MayTime and the RaniPip and Jane BakerPhotographic Cover
MayThe Edge of DestructionNigel RobinsonAlister Pearson
JuneVengeance on VarosPhilip MartinDavid McAllister
JulyThe Underwater MenaceNigel RobinsonAlister Pearson
AugustThe Wheel in SpaceTerrance DicksIan Burgess
SeptemberThe Ultimate FoePip and Jane BakerAlister Pearson
NovemberThe SmugglersTerrance DicksAlister Pearson
DecemberParadise TowersStephen WyattAlister Pearson

Publishing notes Edit

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