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This page should be deleted.

Again, this seems like fan fiction that the BBC shared. This information could easily be covered at the band's page.

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"Teenage Rebel" is a song by the "Trock" band Chameleon Circuit.

Initially released in their album Still Got Legs in June 2011, it was later made into a music video as part of YouTube's 2013's "Geek Week". They received permission from the BBC to film on the actual TARDIS control room set. In the storyline of the music video — which the BBC channel shared, and the BBC America one added to its Doctor Who 2013 playlist — a teenager is feeling down until his friend shows him Doctor Who, and he begins imagining he's part of it. After watching the series in a marathon, making toy sonic screwdrivers and dressing up as Cybermen, the main character enters and explores the TARDIS, and goes to sleep under the console.

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