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Telekinetic energy was psychic power. This potential energy, present in all individuals, could potentially be converted into mechanical energy and move objects by thought alone. This was known as telekinesis.

A branch of the Slitheen family used the Pharos Institute's experimentation to harvest the untapped power which all humans possessed, and sell it. Korst Gogg Thek Lutiven-Day Slitheen, disguised as the child genius Nathan Goss, developed MITRE, or Magnified Intensification of Telekinetic Reactive Energies. When the Slitheen used the MITRE headset on Luke Smith, hoping to harvest all the telekinetic energy in his synapses until it killed him, he reached the maximum very quickly and actually overloaded the system. He even enough in excess energy to use the now-amplified telekinetic energy to throw the Slitheen against the wall and escape. (TV: The Lost Boy)

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