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Cyber-Unit Ten-Six-Five was one of the five million-strong army of Cybermen who appeared in the Earth of N-Space.

When the presence of the Cult of Skaro, who had also arrived in Torchwood One, was detected, the Cyber-Leader sent Ten-Six-Five and Ten-Six-Six to meet them. They were confronted by Dalek Thay. The Cybermen asked that the Daleks identify themselves and the Daleks demanded the same of the Cybermen. Neither complied and there was a stand-off, which Mickey Smith described as "Stephen Hawking meets the Speaking Clock". The Daleks accidentally slipped up; "Thay" said "Daleks do not take orders", but recognised the Cybermen, comparing them to their own universe's Cybermen. The Cybermen and the Daleks exchanged insults until the Cybermen offered to form an alliance with the Daleks to conquer Earth and upgrade the universe together. The Dalek refused. The Cybermen opened fire to no avail and were easily exterminated. (TV: Doomsday)