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The Terileptil androids were androids used by the reptilian Terileptils. Like all Terileptil technology, the androids were aesthetically pleasing in their design. Terileptil androids could fire bolts of energy from their hands. The Terileptil used their androids as guards, servitors and soldiers.

In 1666, a group of Terileptils used one of their androids to kill a local squire along with his children, Elizabeth and Charles, and their servant, Ralph.

Arriving after this attack, the Fifth Doctor encountered a Terileptil android dressed in a cloak to give it the appearance of the Grim Reaper. This let it scare the locals. It was destroyed by Nyssa when it entered the TARDIS and she activated a machine that dislodged its parts. (TV: The Visitation)

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