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Terra Alpha was an Earth colony ruled by Helen A in the 24th century. The planet had a yellow-purplish atmosphere and the human colonists were called "Alphans".

The Pipe People were the natives of the planet, driven underground by the colonists. They eventually took to living in pipes throughout the city.

There were specified tourist zones, a rocket pod zone with scheduled flights, and a waiting zone that moved to different places depending on the time of night. This was in place of a prison, prisons being considered dreadful places. Helen A had built over 1,000 factories that were staffed by drones who came from the flatlands, and were forbidden to enter the city.

All those who lived on Terra Alpha had a normal name, followed by a grading letter. Those who weren't from the planet were given "Sigma" as their grading and required badges. "Lift" music was played throughout the streets and television was available for Helen A's broadcasts.

Wanting a strong world where tears were held back and everyone was happy, Helen A created the Happiness Patrol to enforce her laws that everyone had to be happy. After it was deposed the planet became a free colony. (TV: The Happiness Patrol)