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Terroth was a planet inhabited by swamp people and great serpents, who the swamp people worshipped.

Reb Shavron was forced to land on this planet while she was on her way back to an ADF base after a solo reconnaissance mission when an unexpected meteor storm damaged her ship. There, she encountered the swamp people, who quickly imprisoned her. They also tied her to a sacrificial altar and offered her up to appease the "great ones". She quickly discovered she was being offered as dinner to the great serpents which populated the planet's underworld.

Swiftly cutting through her bonds, she escaped the caves that house the serpents. Unfortunately, the Daleks were monitoring the ADF distress channels. They knew she crashed planetside, and came down to exterminate her. Mark Seven and Joel Shaw had also arrived on the planet. Just as the Daleks demanded the lives of the ADF agents, the great serpents burrowed up through the ground and consumed the Daleks. The ADF trio made a mad dash to Shaw's ship, and took off to the safety of space. (COMIC: Planet of Serpents)

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