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Terry Handley was the rostrum cameraman who shot the Doctor Who title sequences designed by Sid Sutton. He therefore worked on the so-called "neon logo" sequences fronting Tom Baker, Peter Davison and Colin Baker episodes. Eventually, Sutton convinced John Nathan-Turner to give Handley an equal credit for the title sequence, but it was only placed on The Twin Dilemma.

Sutton's design required the use of a rostrum camera, which, at the time, was an innovation for Doctor Who. Sutton would later heap praise on his cameraman.

Tony Handley, who was a very famous rostrum camera operator at the time . . . put an awful lot into the titles. He had to invent ways of travelling through the starfields and he had to test all the various components . . . I mean, you don't just stick something under a rostrum and shoot it; the exposure has to be absolutely perfect."DOC: The Star Man

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