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Terry Nation was a writer for Doctor Who. He was best known as the creator of the Daleks and Blake's 7. He also created the 1970s post-holocaust drama serial, Survivors. He was born in Wales and died of emphysema in Los Angeles. In later Doctor Who TV stories he has been credited as the creator of the Daleks in on-screen credits.

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  • Whicker's World
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  • Though credited with the authorship of The Dalek Chronicles and the various Dalek annuals, the actual extent of his creative input on the author(s) remains unknown.
  • Terry Nation created and wrote much of the dystopian sci-fi television series Blake's 7. He also created Survivors and was involved in several other series including the 1960s action-adventure show The Baron for ITC.
  • Nation's later work shifted to American television, including writing and producing episodes of the action-adventure show MacGyver for ABC.
  • His literary writing credits include novels based upon Blake's 7 and Survivors, along with standalone works such as the 1975 fantasy novel Rebecca's World. Despite this output, he never wrote a novelisation for Target Books based upon any of his Doctor Who storylines.

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