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Tesco was a supermarket. The Eleventh Doctor and Ambrose Northover quoted their catchphrase every little helps when preparing to fight the Silurians. (TV: The Hungry Earth) Iris Wildthyme bought her alcohol from the Darlington branch of Tesco. (PROSE: Annabel Regina) Anji Kapoor once had a Tesco receipt in her pocket. (PROSE: The Book of the Still) Dorian held the "author's copies" of his book in a Tesco bag. (PROSE: Dead Romance) Agatha Ellis shopped at Tesco. (PROSE: Curtain Call) Odeur Delaware was Tesco's own brand of uni-sex perfume. (COMIC: The Widow's Curse)

A woman believed herself to have been shot in the Cardiff branch of Tesco's carpark. When the police arrived they discovered that a can had exploded in the heat and hit her in the base of the neck. (PROSE: Another Life)

Rose Tyler sarcastically noted that Sanctuary Base 6 didn't have a Tesco's when Danny Bartock began listing viruses capable of killing Ood that they didn't have at their disposal. (TV: The Satan Pit)

When Amy Pond told Maria about Tesco, Maria thought that it was a market owned by the Tescaux family. (PROSE: Dead of Winter)

Behind the scenes Edit

A television by Tesco's electronics brand, Technika, appears in TV: The Wedding of River Song.

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