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Thanaxons were the natives of the planet Thanaxos.

Biology Edit

The Thanaxons were humanoid in appearance and distinguishable from humans by their grey skin and a bony crest on their head. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

Culture Edit

Thanaxos was a monarchical society, with the global government and royal house found in Rakath. Due to inbreeding, the royal family had limited intelligence and most of the actual government was done by the Advisory Council. Members of the councils were elected for a part-time basis by the people and were drawn from a wide variety of backgrounds. Most of the towns and boroughs of Thanaxos were self-governing, generally relying on mob-justice.

The major exports of Thanaxos were a type of chocolate ginger and leather from the skin of the ghouties. Dating was based on the TB system and a week was equivalent to six Earth days. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

Technology Edit

By the 26th century, the technology of Thanaxos was comparable to that of the Earth Empire. Lighting was produced by gas lamps, using factory produced methane. Transport was typically by automated vehicles like hansom cabs, pulled by an engine powered by steam from a radium heater. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

History Edit

Several centuries before the 26th century, the inhabitants of Thanaxos combined forces under the royal family, an event known as the Enlightened Consolidation. They later developed interstellar transport, contacted the rest of the galaxy and started trading with the planet Dellah. Soon after opening contact, criminals started to come to Thanaxon, causing violence and chaos. New regulations were made to deal with transients, leading to more severe methods of punishment.

Following the takeover by the All-High Gods on Dellah in the 2595, all communications were shut down. Trading was stopped and Thanaxos was forced to take in the refugees from Dellah. These refugees were trapped together in a detention centre, which became much like a prison. When the news of the harsh treatment was brought out by DataDay News, the Thanaxon government was forced to free the imprisoned refugees.

Shortly afterwards, Dellah opened communication with Thanaxos again. Thanaxos sent in a diplomatic party, including the Prince G'jimbo as a royal ambassador. This was actually a ploy by the All-High Gods, who possessed Prince G'jimbo. When he was brought back to Thanaxos, he took over the planet. After almost inciting a religious war, Jason Kane, Mira and an agent from Pseudopod Enterprises SA brought Emile Mars-Smith to Thanaxos, with a starving All-High God inside him. The god inside G'jimbo was eaten and Emile brought his god under control. (PROSE: The Mary-Sue Extrusion)

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