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Publisher's summary Edit

This is the Doctor.
Here's a book all about my faithful friend, K9.
As you know, K9 is a kind of robot dog – though he'd sooner be described as a completely-mobile, self-powered computer with multi-sensory circuits and built-in defensive capabilities!
I'll also be telling you about some other amazing mechanical creatures I've encountered on my travels through Space and Time-some have been surprisingly friendly, but others were very dangerous indeed ...

Subject matter Edit

  • The first half of the book covers K9's travels with the Doctor from The Invisible Enemy through the end of the Key to Time story The Armageddon Factor.
  • The second looks at other mechanical marvels!
  • Also included are many quizzes and games (25 pages).

Notable features Edit

  • Cross-sectional illustration of K9
  • Two page copy and cut-out, make your own K9.
  • Full-page black and white photography

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