Doctor Which?

This story debuted with either the Second or Third Doctor, then was reprinted with the Fourth Doctor. It may have had different companions in the reprint, as well. From an in-universe point of view, it's unclear which Doctor lived through these events.


The Amateur was a TV Comic story featuring the Third Doctor. It was redrawn as a Fourth Doctor story.

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Having returned Arnold to his own time, the Doctor tries to help return a crashed time machine piloted by Tobias Philby to Earth in the 19th century. However, they become embroiled in World War I.

Who is Tobias Philby? Why is he eager to cause chaos in a small English village? Can the Doctor convince an aggressive villager that he isn't a German spy?

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  • Arnold appears only in the original, Third Doctor version of the story. For the reprint, the panels of the story containing Arnold's farewell are simply omitted.

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