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The Arkwood Experiments was the comic debut of the Third Doctor, UNIT and the Brigadier. It followed the first major break in Doctor Who comic strip history — a nearly two month gap since the Second Doctor's swansong. The hiatus somewhat mirrored the unusually long seven month gap between season 6 and season 7 on television.


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  • Among the zoo animals affected by Cedric's drug are parrots, penguins, a gazelle, a panther, and a lion.
  • The parrots are last seen flying off towards the town to wreak havoc there — and oddly, are never seen nor mentioned again.


  • The first words spoken by the Third Doctor in his comic book tenure is: "What?" It is said in response to the Brigadier asking him to meet him at the zoo.

Original print details

(Publication with page count and closing captions)
  • TVC 944 (2 pages) Can Dr. Who and the Brigadier escape the frenzied parrots  ? See next week !
  • TVC 945 (2 pages) Next week the takeover of the ten-year-olds begins !
  • TVC 946 (2 pages) Next week: Wild ten-year-olds on the rampage !
  • TVC 947 (2 pages)
  • TVC 948 (2 pages) Next week the savage ten-year-olds attack the village !
  • TVC 949 (2 pages) A new all-action adventure with Dr. Who starts next week : The Multi-Mobile !


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