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The Audio Scripts: Volume Four was the official release of four scripts from Big Finish's run of full-cast Doctor Who audios: Omega, Davros, Master and Zagreus.

Publisher's summary Edit

Presented in this book are the original scripts for four of Big Finish's most popular stories — three adventures which made up a loose trilogy of returning villain stories, and Big Finish's 2003 Doctor Who anniversary special, Zagreus.

Peter Davison starred in Omega, penned by Dead Ringers writer Nev Fountain. The story saw the return of the misguided Time Lord played by Ian Collier.

Lance Parkin's Davros matched Colin Baker's Doctor against Terry Molloy's incarnation of the Daleks' creator.

From the Seventh Doctor run is Master, written by Joseph Lidster, and starring Sylvester McCoy and Geoffrey Beevers.

Rounding this collection off is Zagreus, Big Finish's contribution to Doctor Who's 40th anniversary. The play not only saw a pivotal chapter in the on-going Eighth Doctor story arc, it also brought together many of Big Finish's regular Doctor Who actors — Peter Davison, Colin Baker, Sylvester McCoy, Paul McGann and many, many more.