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The Barnacled Baby (audio story)

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The Barnacled Baby
BBV BarnacledBaby Cover
Main character(s): Zygons
Key crew
Publisher: BBV Productions
Writer: Anthony Keetch
Director: Paul Griggs
Release details
Release number: 3
Release date: July 2001
Format: 1 CD
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BBV Productions - Zygons
Absolution none
The Barnacled Baby was an audio story featuring the Zygons. It was written by Anthony Keetch.

Publisher's summary Edit

Victorian London is not a great place to be if you're a wounded shape-shifting alien.

Your ship is at the bottom of the English Channel, your crew are probably dead and your nearest source of food is in a Loch six hundred miles away.

And the natives are insane.

Life isn't looking too promising for a Zygon called Bobby.

Plot Edit

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Cast Edit

References Edit

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Notes Edit

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Continuity Edit

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