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The Beast of Stalingrad was a novella published by Thebes Publishing and the second story in the Erimem series.

Publisher's summary Edit

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Plot Edit

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Characters Edit

References Edit

  • Andy says if Mary Poppins tried flying in the current weather, she would end up in Norway.
  • Andy compares Erimem living in a cupboard at Helena and Ibrahim's house to Harry Potter living in a cupboard under the stairs.
  • Andy describes Erimem as having a Mona Lisa smile.
  • Erimem jokes about using Google.
  • Isabella mentions Jules Verne and H. G. Wells.
  • Isabella and her sons passed through Leningrad.
  • Erimem gives cup-a-soup to Isabella.

Notes Edit

  • This story is told from the first person POV, but it alternates between Isabella, Ibrahim, Andy, Erimem, and Tom.

Continuity Edit

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